Women's Pizza Pocket Hoodie!
Women's Pizza Pocket Hoodie!
Close up of Pizza Pocket Hoodie triangular pocket, 8-inch zipper, and pouch.
 Triple layered, food safe pizza pouch
Keira Knightley excitedly receiving the Pizza Pocket Hoodie on ABC Show Kelly and Ryan
Women's Pizza Pocket Hoodie!
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Women's Pizza Pocket Hoodie!
Women's Pizza Pocket Hoodie!

Women's Pizza Pocket Hoodie!

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  • [[🍕 🍕 🍕]] Express your love for pizza with your very own pizza pocket hoodie and carry your pizza slices with you wherever you go! The pizza pocket hoodie is the best and greatest gift for pizza lovers!

  • [[Patented Design]] Every pizza pocket hoodie includes 1 hand washable insulated pizza pouch designed to snugly fit inside the triangular zipper pocket on the chest of the sweatshirt. The triangle shaped pizza pouch container can hold your leftovers allowing you to snack on your slices when you get hungry.

  • [[Food Safe]] The insulated pizza pouch is made up of 3 layers: an outer water resistant polyester layer, a middle foam layer and an inner metalized FDA food grade film layer. The combination of these layers creates a container that will store your pizza slices keeping them warm for hours and safe from the outside elements. The flap of the insulated pizza pocket pouch can open and close using embedded magnets to help keep the heat in and pizza warm.

  • [[Versatility]] The pizza pouch is fully removable allowing it to be used separately from the hooded sweatshirt as a pizza lunch box!

  • [[Quality & Sizing]] The pizza holding hoodie is a pullover design constructed with extremely soft premium quality material consisting of a 65% cotton and 35% polyester blend. Bring pizza with you on your runs, to the gym, movies, concerts, festivals, weddings or wherever you need be!


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